Dental Fillings Near You

Most people have acquired at least one or two dental fillings in their lifetime; this is because it’s used to treat cavities, which is quite a prevalent dental issue.

Our local dental clinic provides dental fillings near you; so, if you’re interested in learning more about this process or if you’re ready to book your appointment, get in touch with our staff today!

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Why Are Dental Fillings Necessary?

Whether it’s due to a lack of good oral hygiene, eating too much sugar, or previous decay, cavities can form due to a variety of factors. Cavities (sometimes referred to as dental caries) are essentially tiny holes that develop in or around your tooth. As a result, bacteria can gather in this space, leading to internal damage, sensitivity, and pain.

It’s important to treat cavities soon; otherwise, if they’re left unaddressed for an extended period, you may require a root canal or even a tooth extraction in the future to improve your overall oral health.

Dental fillings can be made from silver amalgam or composite resin. While metal dental fillings are very durable and more affordable, in comparison, composite resin fillings blend in very well with the rest of your smile. In order to determine which type of material is best suited to your unique case, talk to your dentist.

Receiving Dental Fillings Near You

The process of receiving a dental filling is very straightforward.

First, when you come in, your dentist will evaluate your mouth through a physical assessment. They may take some X-rays too. Next, they’ll give you a local anesthesia injection to keep you nice and realized before getting started with the treatment itself. A dental drill will be employed to access and remove all the decay. After it’s all been scraped out, the site will be cleaned and sealed with the material of your choice.

Your dentist will check that everything is in order before letting you go. Make sure you give yourself a bit of time for your mouth to heal. If you experience any pain following your visit, don’t hesitate to speak to your dental team so they can make any necessary adjustments. After all, a dental filling is meant to alleviate discomfort, not cause it.

At Mountain View Smiles, we provide dental fillings near you in Carstairs. Our team looks forward to welcoming you to our dental practice and being a part of your oral health journey. Come in and see us in person, give us a call, or go to our website and fill out the form to select an appointment time that works for you. We’ll see you soon!