Dental Cleanings Near You

Though they are indeed necessary to preserve your oral hygiene, dental cleanings may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The team here at our local dental clinic understands this, which is why, when the time comes for you to attend your regular appointment, we will do everything that we can to make sure you’re as relaxed as possible. And if you have any queries or concerns about dental cleanings near you, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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The Stages of a Dental Cleanings

Described in detail below for your convenience are the steps involved in traditional dental cleanings in Carstairs:

Step 1: The physical evaluation.

Usually, a dental hygienist will perform most of this treatment; your general or family dentist will stop by now and again to speak with you and oversee how your appointment is going. Your teeth, gums and the tissues of your inner cheeks and on the top and bottom of your mouth will be closely examined, and they may take a series of X-rays to get a better sense of what’s happening where the naked eye can’t see.

Step 2: Getting rid of plaque and tartar.

Your hygienist will use a mirror and scaler to get rid of plaque, tartar, and other debris between and on the surface of your teeth and along your gum line. The more plaque there is in a certain area, the more your hygienist will have to scrape.

Step 3: Brushing and flossing.

A gritty toothpaste is applied to all your teeth, and then a special electric toothbrush is employed to scrub your smile until it shines. Discoloration and any lingering bacteria and other debris will be taken care of.

Once this is finished, your smile will be flossed. If your gums bleed a little as a result, it may be an indication that you need to floss more frequently.

Step 4: Rinse.

You’ll be given some water to swish around your mouth before moving on to the fluoride treatment.

Step 5: Fluoride.

As the saying goes, the best comes last. This step is crucial since the use of fluoride helps prevent cavities from forming.

This can occur in a handful of ways: liquid fluoride can be gurgled around your mouth; it can be a varnish that’s painted onto your smile, or you can be given trays filled with a foamy gel that fits over your smile. The fluoride remains on your smile for a minute before you can spit and rinse once more.

And then, voila! You’re all done!

Are you looking to book dental cleanings near you in Didsbury for yourself or your family? At Mountain View Smiles, we offer this treatment to new and returning patients. Get in contact with our staff via phone or email to select a time that works best.

We’ll see you soon!