The Importance of Tooth Extraction: When is it Absolutely Necessary?

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the importance of tooth extraction when is it absolutely necessary

Your general health depends on having healthy teeth. To preserve the best possible oral health, a tooth extraction may occasionally be required. 

Are you experiencing dental discomfort or an infection? Even though our dentists will always try to keep your natural tooth intact, there may be situations when a tooth extractions in Carstairs is necessary. Making more educated decisions regarding your dental health can be facilitated by knowing when tooth extractions are really necessary.

When Extractions are Necessary?

  • Impaction 

When the growth of one tooth presses up against the growth of another, tooth impaction happens. Because of the tooth’s susceptibility to infection, the gums may become red, swollen, sensitive, or bleed. Individuals with this illness frequently complain of jaw pain, swelling, and trouble opening their mouths.

This problem is usually caused by the wisdom teeth, which are the third set of molars that develop inward because there is not enough in the mouth for them to grow. In these situations, it is advisable to have the wisdom teeth extracted by a dentist in Crossfield as soon as possible to shield the other teeth from additional harm. 

  • Dental Decay

Tooth decay is caused by the accumulation of plaque and tartar. The teeth become brittle as a result of these deposits eating away at the enamel. An infection may arise if the illness worsens to the point where it produces excruciating pain. To prevent further health issues, a tooth that reaches this stage may need to be extracted entirely and replaced with a dental bridge.  

  • Periodontal Disease

Much like dental decay, plaque and tartar accumulation on teeth is a common cause of periodontal and gum disease.

Periodontitis is an infection of the tissues and bones around the teeth, whereas gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums around the teeth. To protect the neighbouring teeth, it could be essential to have tooth extractions near you and replace them with a dental bridge or crown if the integrity of the bone or gum around them deteriorates too severely.

  • Trauma

In an accident, teeth are frequently among the first to go. Accidents can seriously harm teeth, whether it’s from a baseball that strays and flies at you at breakneck speed or from getting into an automobile accident.

Occasionally, an accident leaves a tooth too badly damaged to be saved. In such a situation, extraction of the tooth is an essential component of the healing process. If not, a tooth that has been injured may get seriously infected and eventually need a painful operation like a root canal. 

  • Overcrowding

In addition to causing discomfort, tooth impaction can result in tooth crowding, which can further exacerbate the misalignment of otherwise straight and well-aligned smiles. By getting rid of the troublesome back teeth, you can keep your straight smile without wearing braces by creating more room for the remaining teeth to erupt as needed.

What to Consider Before Extraction

When a dentist in Carstairs performs a straightforward tooth extraction, they usually use forceps and a local anesthetic. A surgical extraction, which entails splitting open the gums and extracting the tooth, might be necessary in the event of an impacted tooth.

Following your extraction, it’s crucial to rest and restrict your diet to soft foods. For a more detailed explanation of the extraction process and recovery, visit our page on tooth extraction.

It’s also critical to keep in mind that, before choosing to extract your tooth, your dentist in Didsbury will exhaust all alternative options. But sometimes, extracting the tooth completely is the only option to keep your mouth safe.

Looking for More Information?

Your smile might be saved by a dental extraction one day. Our dentist near you will evaluate all of your treatment choices during your visit at Mountain View Smiles to assist you in making an informed decision. Reach out to us to find out if dental extraction is the next best course of action.