Why Dental Cleanings Cause Aches & 5 Hacks for a Pain-Free Dentist Visit

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why dental cleanings cause aches & 5 hacks for a pain-free dentist visit

Dental cleanings—they’re like a rite of passage in our lives. You know, those moments when you sit in the dentist’s chair, bracing yourself for the tickles and pokes of the tools. But have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel aches after receiving dental cleanings in Didsbury? Well, worry not; outlined below are some tips to help you have a pain-free, hassle-free visit.

Why Do Dental Cleanings Cause Aches?

When you skip brushing or flossing, plaque and tartar throw a party in your mouth, inviting harmful bacteria to gather on and between your teeth. But when you come in for routine dental cleanings near you, these so-called “party crashers” are kicked out.

Here’s the catch, however: if this debris has been present for an extended period, your gums might feel a bit sore afterward.

Tips for a Pain-Free Dentist Visit

1. Chill Out with Deep Breaths

Imagine you’re on a serene beach, listening to the waves. Deep breath in, and exhale slowly. When you’re at the dentist, this simple trick can be your superhero cape against anxiety. Deep breathing helps relax your muscles, making the whole experience less tense.

2. Power Up with a Pre-Visit Snack

Ever feel cranky when you’re hungry? Your mouth might feel the same. Having a light snack before your appointment can keep your energy up and your mood happy. But remember, go for healthy snacks like fruits or nuts—you don’t want any unwanted guests (like sugar bugs) crashing your dental party.

3. Get Your Jam On

Who said dental visits couldn’t be musical? Create a playlist of your favourite tunes and pop those earbuds in before your appointment. Music has this magical power to distract our minds, making us forget about any discomfort. So, let the music carry you away from the blues associated with sitting in a dentist chair as you groove along.

4. Start a Discussion

Dentists near you are not just experts on teeth; they are also really nice people. Strike up a conversation about your hobbies, school, or even your pet rock. Talking not only helps distract you but also builds a friendly atmosphere. Before you know it, you’ll be done with your cleaning and swapping stories like old pals.

5. Picture Perfect Visualization

Close your eyes and picture your favourite place—maybe it’s a cozy nook in your room or a sunny spot in the park. Visualizing happy thoughts can transport you away from the dental chair to your own happy place. So, next time you’re at the dentist, let your imagination run wild and turn that cleaning into a mini-vacation for your mind.

Looking for More Information on Dental Cleanings?

Dental cleanings might bring a few aches, but with these awesome hacks, you can feel at ease during your next visit to a dentist in Didsbury. Remember, it’s all about relaxing and allowing your mind to drift away.

Get ready for a painless dental visit at Mountain View Smiles—we are just around the corner.